[Owasp-rochester-announce] May Meeting, May 17th

Andrea Cogliati andrea.cogliati at owasp.org
Mon May 10 03:40:56 EDT 2010

The next Rochester OWASP Chapter meeting will be held on May 17th at 6pm.

Where: Mykonos/BlueTie at 220 Kenneth Dr, Rochester, NY (entrance from Lehigh Station Rd or W Henrietta Rd), near 390 and Lehigh Station Road

Topic: New Techniques in Application Intrusion Detection

Speaker: Al Huizenga, Director of Product Management, Mykonos Software, Inc.

Abstract: Current solutions for securing legacy Web applications rely on a “lock-it-down” approach, similar to how IT security administrators use firewalls to lock down ports and servers. But applications are complicated, and it’s often impractical to create a rule set that tightly filters every app-level input. New alternative approaches to intrusion detection and response at the application layer are emerging. One key trend is to enhance the application code itself with built-in defensive logic. By instrumenting application code with incident detection triggers and dynamic responses, administrators can prevent application abuse before bad users establish an attack vector. In this presentation, we’ll discuss the merits and challenges of this approach. We’ll focus on specific examples, including the OWASP AppSensor project and the Mykonos Security Appliance.

Speaker Bio: Al Huizenga runs product strategy for Mykonos Software, a startup focused on new ways to secure Web applications from abuse. Al has 11 years experience marketing Web-based products and technologies. He is fascinated by how the same technology attributes that drive Web application adoption – openness, transparency, and ubiquity – also represent severe risk to the businesses that use them.

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