[Owasp-rhodeisland] OWASP RI: Looking for presenters

Patrick Laverty patrick.laverty at owasp.org
Mon Jan 13 19:32:45 UTC 2014

Hi and happy new year!

We are looking for presenters for OWASP RI. If you've got something that
you want to talk about or think you could give a 30-45 minute presentation
on, let's see it! We're a small and low-key group always interested in all
kinds of things related to web application security. So if there's
something you'd like to see or know someone doing some cool stuff, please
let me know. We have a great new space with our long-time generous sponsor
Swipely, as they've moved to 10 Dorrance St in Providence. This gives us a
little more flexibility on dates too.

Right now, I have no presentations scheduled but if you got one, lemme know
and we'll get it going!


Patrick Laverty
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