[Owasp-rhodeisland] OWASP RI - Monday Night!

Patrick Laverty patrick.laverty at owasp.org
Wed Sep 18 14:01:18 UTC 2013

Just a final reminder that our next OWASP RI meeting will be this coming
Monday night, Sep 23 at 6 pm at Swipely in Providence (39 Pike St).
Refreshments provided by Swipely!

Our speaker is Dr. Ben Lerner, a post-doc fellow at Brown University. His

JavaScript Verification: From Browsers to Pages
Modern web browsers implement a "private browsing" mode that is intended to
leave behind no traces of a user's browsing activity on their computer.
This feature is in direct tension with support for *extensions*, which let
users add third-party functionality into their browser. I will discuss the
scope of this problem, present our approach to verifying extensions'
compliance with private browsing mode, and sketch our findings on several
real, third-party extensions. I will then briefly describe the toolkit
underlying our approach, and end with a sketch of a newer project, adapting
this approach to the very different-seeming problem of statically catching
errors when using the jQuery library.

See you on Monday!

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