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Every night when we go to sleep we have a chance to wake up in another
universe. At any time, the expanding to infinity universe may turn back
and then rush to the start point. Or maybe finish point. Back to

The cyber universe has plunged into turmoil. Cyber criminals and special
agencies operating beyond the society control start us thinking whether it
is a good decision to live in a cyber world, where threats are real while
justice is impossible. A world where boundaries are transparent for some
people but turn into the walls of a prison for others. A world where
students can build a satellite in a lab and automatic call centers
determine you mood from your voice. A world where anybody can create his
or her own universe, but most people prefer to stay passive observers of
others' creations. A world where every word you say will be stored,
indexed and used against you. A world that knows about every step you make
and every cent you spend.

Now we are close enough to the bifurcation point and even an insignificant
influence can cause a shattering avalanche. So what is lying ahead? Is it
going to be a high-tech Barbarism from The Bridge trilogy by William
Gibson and the land of of Pelevin's "zukerbrins" or the new Noon, XXII
century when human civilization raises up to the next level, overcoming
the diseases and exploring other planets?

We invite you to do part for the world future and participate in the Forum
as a speaker. Positive Hack Days V will take place on May 26 and 27, 2015.

What is PHDays

Positive Hack Days is a annual international forum on practical
information security held by Positive Technologies since 2011. The PHDays
programme consists of two large blocks combining theory and practice.
These are the conference and the contests.

What is waiting for you at PHDays V? 3,000 specialists from all over the
world, six conference flows, 15,000 online participants, CTF and
competitions based on real incidents, no cliches and advertisement
propaganda, an opportunity to experiment with hard-to-get equipment,
excitement of path breaking, hackers and security experts networking.


We are expecting researches that develop and advance modern information
technologies. If you have found a new vulnerability, developed new
protection methods, organized an international CERT, or estimated the
moonlight influence on people behavior in social networks and credit card
fraud — then the PHDays Forum is an excellent place to share your results
with thousands of experts.

This year, we are organizing something new — a separate flow for
developers to discuss the problems of high-load and embedded systems
development, Big Data practical use, and Internet stability improvement.

If you believe your talk will be interesting for the community, please,
feel free to apply. The most important thing for a research to apply is to
be unique and provide a fresh, hacking look at modern information
technologies and their role in our life.

Participation format and selection principles

• Talk (50 minutes)
• Fast Track (15 minutes)
• Hands-on Lab (up to 4 hours)

If you have something interesting and surprising to show, but no of the
above-listed formats is good for you, please, feel free to apply anyway
and be sure we will consider your work.

There are no tight restrictions: anyone from a novice to a recognized
expert in information security can be a speaker.

Every application is considered by our international program committee
traditionally consisting of the most competent experts. They will select
the best works!

Please, submit your application at

We will not accept applications from PR or other representatives of
researchers. We will not accept works aimed at promoting products,
services, or companies.

The works based on the recent investigations will be preferred, as well as
the reviews of new program tools and vulnerabilities.

The application should contain the following information:

1) Speaker's name, country and city of residence and contacts (e-mail
address, phone number).
2) Curriculum vitae including education, main speeches and published
3) The topic, title, and brief summary of the talk.
4) Other investigations in this field. Why is your work especially
7) Places where the investigation has been already shown including events,
blogs, online and offline titles.

Please, specify whether you will be able to provide us with the full text
of your research or with the presentation only. Mark what the preferred
language of speech for you is.

It is recommended that you send additional materials, utilities, and
practical examples to help us understand the essence of your work. You are
welcome to submit several applications, but all separately.

For additional information, please write to cfp () phdays com<mailto:cfp
() phdays com>. We urge you to use this e-mail address instead of asking
the program committee members personally.


The applications for participation in the conference will be accepted in
two stages:

• the first stage: from December 3, 2014 to January 30, 2015,
• the second stage: from February 16, 2015 to March 31, 2015.

Every applicant will receive a response with the results within two weeks
after the stage closing.


For CFP, we use an open-source system Frab. We will appreciate if you pay
attention to this service in the course of traditional examination of the
conference resources (the source code can be found at

We are going to invite those who will reveal unknown vulnerabilities in
Frab to visit PHDays for free. Please, do not perform destructive actions
against the Frab site lest we lose our speakers.



• return economy air tickets,
• one ticket to the Forum per speaker,
• a hotel room for three nights per speaker.

Fast Track: one ticket to the Forum per speaker.

Hands-On Lab:

• return economy air tickets,
• one ticket to the Forum per speaker,
• a hotel room for three nights per speaker,
• expenses for special software and materials required for the lab.

Every speaker (except FastTrack authors) will receive two additional
"student" tickets to the Forum. These tickets can be used by high school
graduates, students, and Ph. D. candidates.

We guarantee all the participants two days of good mood, interesting
people, and new experience.

You can find announcements about already accepted papers on our website:

We are waiting for your applications!

This list is sponsored by: Information Assurance Certification Review Board

Prove to peers and potential employers without a doubt that you can
actually do a proper penetration test. IACRB CPT and CEPT certs require a
full practical examination in order to become certified.



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