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Hi folks,

OWASP ZAP 2.3.0 is now available :

Quick summary of the main changes:

* A ZAP 'lite' version in addition to the existing 'full' version

* View, intercept, manipulate, resend and fuzz client-side (browser) events

* Enhanced authentication support

* Support for non standard apps

* Input Vector scripts

* Scan policy - fine grained control

* Advanced Scan dialog

* Extended command line options

* More API support

* Internationalized help file

* Keyboard shortcuts

* New UI options

* More functionality moved to add-ons

* New and improved active and passive scanning rules

For more details see the OWASP Blog post:

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed code, language files,
enhancement requests, bug reports and general feedback.


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Caio Dias
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