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Para quem tem interesse em aprender a fuçar na parte mobile.

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From: Kenneth R. van Wyk <ken at krvw.com>
Date: Wed, Apr 9, 2014 at 1:39 PM
Subject: [Owasp-leaders] Fwd: [Owasp-igoat-project] OWASP iGoat 2.1 released
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OWASP iGoat 2.1 released, providing support to iOS 7.1. See announcement


Ken van Wyk

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> From: "Kenneth R. van Wyk" <ken at krvw.com>
> Subject: [Owasp-igoat-project] OWASP iGoat 2.1 released
> Date: April 9, 2014 at 12:34:02 PM EDT
> To: owasp-igoat-project at lists.owasp.org
> Greetings iGoat users,
> FYI, there's a new OWASP iGoat release available immediately for
download. Details below.
> Additionally, I'd like to publicly welcome our new lead developer to the
project. Jonathan Carter has agreed to help as lead developer. We've been
discussing several ideas for new iGoat lessons, which I'm really excited
about. We're going to start working on those shortly.
> Of course, we still welcome other volunteers who want to develop their
own lessons and donate them to the project. The architecture that our
founding lead developer, Sean Eidemiller, put together was specifically
designed to enable others to build their own lessons with a minimum of
fuss. There's even a Wiki page (
https://code.google.com/p/owasp-igoat/wiki/AddingNewExercises) that
describes the process.
> Next up, thanks to Google deprecating (read: killing off) the Downloads
feature on Google Code, we've had to move the primary Downloads page over
to Google Drive. It works fine, but is a little clunky, IMHO. Of course,
you can always just download a ZIP of the current source tree. See the
Downloads page (https://code.google.com/p/owasp-igoat/wiki/NewDownloads?tm=2)
for instructions.
> As always, the OWASP iGoat app is only distributed in source code as a
self-contained Xcode project. To run it, you'll need Xcode (free from
Apple). You can run it for free on the iPhone Simulator included with
Xcode, or install it on your iOS device, but the latter requires you to
register and pay (USD$99/year) to be an Apple iOS Developer.
> New in 2.1:
> - The look and feel has been updated to comply with iOS 7.x requirements.
> - Latest version of OpenSSL for building SQLcipher in the Local Data
Storage lesson.
> - Default build target is now iOS 7.1, although 7.0 and 7.x should be
fine too.
> - Several NSInteger fields updated so they work properly on 64- and
32-bit builds. (This was not a functional problem, but generated compiler
warnings before.)
> - Updated a couple of deprecated methods to new 7.x replacements.
> Enjoy your iGoating! As always, I welcome feedback from users as well as
trainers who have incorporated iGoat into their own courseware. (I use it
extensively in my own courseware and would be happy to share lessons
learned with anyone interested.)
> Again, thanks to Jonathan and welcome to the OWASP iGoat project!
> Cheers,
> Ken
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> Kenneth R. van Wyk
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> Follow us on Twitter at: @KRvW or @KRvW_Associates
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