[OWASP-Raleigh, NC] Chapter leadership discussion on meetup page

Steven Pinkham steve.pinkham at gmail.com
Thu May 10 14:05:22 UTC 2012

I would assume most of you (like me) get the mailing lists more often
than forum posts on the meetup site, so I thought I'd pass along the
link to an interesting discussion there and my response.

Hey guys, sorry I've missed out on the discussion here so far.

> Would it help to try to secure a new location commitment for our meetings?

Sure would.

Having a consistent meeting place would be wonderful if someone had a
company who could provide that.  The Cary/Morrisville area seems ideal
form the polls of interested parties.

I'm planning the next meeting on SQL injection soon, probably meeting in
the West Regional Library which seems a fairly good fit except that they
have a bunch of limitations on how far ahead you can schedule, etc.

For the group to thrive, we really require a larger leadership team.  If
anyone's interested, the OWASP chapter handbook gives good guidance on
things that should be done to run a chapter, and if anyone wants to
claim part of it I'd be quite happy to let them.


I know the last leader left at least partly because of burnout, and I'm
trying to avoid that myself. ;-)

I'd be happy to have any contributions to the chapter.  I've committed
myself to producing a talk every 2-3 months this year, but for the group
to thrive we obviously need more.  If someone else would like to join
the leadership team and organize and/or give talks that would be great.
 We have a lot of local user groups who could probably give talks on
issues specific to their environments, and an increasing number of other
chapter leaders who are willing to give talks over skype.

I'm glad to hear that people are interested in the chapter and seem
willing to help, so hopefully things will only get better. ;-)

I will be speaking at CarolinaCon, and I'd be happy to grab lunch or a
nice hallway chat with anyone with questions/comments/suggestions/snide
remarks. ;-)
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