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On Thu, Jan 27, 2011 at 2:25 PM, Steve Pinkham <steve.pinkham at gmail.com>wrote:

> As you may have seen, Michael Menefee has stepped down from his
> leadership role in the group.  I'd like to thank him for the leadership
> he's provided(how long was it anyway Michael?).
> I paid for the Meetup account to continue which makes me the default
> leader at the moment, but I'd be happy to share that role or pass it off
> to someone else who might be interested.
> What would you all like to see happen with the group?
> For myself, I'd like it to continue in some fashion, but not sure what
> it should look like.
> A few ideas I've had:
> 1)Take on a group project. OWASP has tons of projects that need help,
> and there's always more to be started.  I wouldn't want it to be the
> only thing the group is about, but it would provide some more focus.
> 2)switch to a lunchtime or dinner more "social" meetup.  This would take
> the pressure off of always needing a "main event" presentation, and
> would foster more sharing of the projects each person is involved in.  I
> know a lot of you are doing interesting things, and I'd love to hear
> more about them.
> 3)Take over other groups for a night ;-) Security folks are particularly
> bad about hanging out in their own echo chamber.  It would be good to
> interface more with the existing web design/Ruby/python/Linux/Agile
> development groups.  I've talked with the web design group leader before
> about that, and he was interested.
> What do you all think? Any other ideas?
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