[OWASP-Raleigh, NC] Membership drive and thoughts

Enders, Hans hans.enders at hp.com
Fri Nov 13 11:00:36 EST 2009

In last night's meeting, there were several comments that the Raleigh OWASP chapter membership is not as large as OWASP central would recommend, approximately 40 versus 300.  What types of persons do we feel would be interested in these meetings?  Just IT staff, developers, managers, ....?  How far out from RTP do we wish to extend invitations?  I can probably locate folks, but wanted to wonder aloud on who might be the best candidates.

Also, what sort of meeting topics would be of interest to this expanded group?  I certainly always enjoy a live presentation of a hack or a code issue.  But there is also a lot of room for discussion on industry topics such as:
	* funding and cost calculations
	* law and enforcement
	* manufacturer movements, changes, and improvements
	* full disclosure battles
	* vendor presentations?
	* tool criteria and ranking
	* training options and ranking


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