[OWASP-Raleigh, NC] OWASP Meeting May 26 Rescheduled to June 10

Chris Whitesock cwhitesock at coastalfcu.org
Fri May 22 15:43:24 EDT 2009

OWASP Members,

Please update your calendars, we have determined to reschedule the NC 
OWASP meeting for June 10.  Same place, same time, we just moved the date.

I'll update the site/invitation soon but I wanted to give everybody a 
heads up! 

Have a good long weekend!

Chris Whitesock
Information Security Officer
Coastal Federal Credit Union
Office: 919.420.8153

Chris Whitesock/ISG/IT/CFCU 
05/20/2009 11:59 AM

owasp-raleigh at lists.owasp.org

OWASP Meeting Tuesday May 26??

OWASP Members,

It's come to our attention that some folks may be willing to a reschedule 
of the next OWASP meeting on Tuesday May 26.  The main reason is for the 
Hurricanes making it to the next round and they have a game scheduled for 
that evening.

However, we are prepared to hold the meeting if we have more non-hockey 
fans out there than die-hard Hurricanes fans and people are still planning 
to attend the meeting. 

This is where we would like your input please!  Should the meeting stand 
or should we reschedule?

Please reply to the list and let us know your thoughts! 

Thanks much,

Chris Whitesock
OWASP Chapter Co-Leader, North Carolina
Coastal Federal Credit Union - Information Security Officer

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