[OWASP-Raleigh, NC] WebScarabNG question.

Michael Menefee mmenefee at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 15:07:37 EDT 2009

Agreed, Burpsuite is a little more prime-time. For those interested, 
here's the link to Burp


FYI, It's a proxy server (with many bells and whistles) useful when 
testing the security of your web apps

Thanks, Steve.


Steve Pinkham wrote:
> Fred Williams wrote:
>> I"ve been trying to download a copy of the new version of WebScarab NG but I can't find the download anywhere behind the link provided on the OWASP site.  Anybody have any luck?
>> Fred
> As far as I know, right now you have to pull it from git and build it 
> with maven.  This seems to be by design, as it's not really ready for 
> prime time.
> I have a repo I build every once and a while to test, and then promptly 
> go back to burp. ;-)
> Webscarab NG is still very bare-bones.
> If you really have trouble building it and can't bare not trying it 
> right now, I can probably be persuaded to post a build, but it's really 
> not anything special at the moment.
> Steve

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