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Michael S. Menefee mmenefee at securesolve.com
Thu Nov 13 21:22:34 EST 2008

Dear OWASP NC Chapter members,
I just wanted to send a message to re-introduce everyone to OWASP and
what we stand for. I also wanted to remind everyone of the OWASP NC
meeting/event we are planning for January/February timeframe. We are
lining up speakers (both local and national) and -based on initial
interest- should have a good inaugural NC event. 
OWASP is a not-for-profit organization consisting of over 130 chapters
worldwide, with almost 10,000 members. Our mission is to promote the
awareness of Web Application Security by distributing free information,
collaborating with peers, developing tools, and influencing the
As members of OWASP we have access to all of these resources for free,
and have the opportunity to voice our opinions and help shape the future
of the industry. I encourage everyone to use this list to bounce ideas,
discuss current topics, solicit help, etc--anything within the realm of
Web Application Security. 
Until we merge the Charlotte and Raleigh mailing lists, members of the
Charlotte list can send emails to 
owasp-charlotte at lists.owasp.org
For members of the Raleigh community, you can send emails to 
owasp-raleigh at lists.owasp.org
For anyone who may recieve a forward of this email, please visit your
local chapter homepage at www.owasp.org/index.php/Raleigh or 
www.owasp.org/index.php/Charlotte (depending on your preference) to
register to become a member. Our new chapter page is 
OWASP membership is free for everyone, so forward this on to your peers
and friends, and lets all work together to improve web application
security in our local markets. 

Michael S. Menefee, CISSP (#43728)
Principal Consultant, Secure Solve Inc.
OWASP <http://www.owasp.org/>  Chapter Leader, North Carolina
Phone: (919) 439-3598
Fax: (919) 287-2570
mmenefee at securesolve.com
www.securesolve.com <http://www.securesolve.com/> 


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