[OWASP-Raleigh, NC] North Carolina OWASP Chapter

Michael S. Menefee mmenefee at securesolve.com
Fri Nov 7 17:55:03 EST 2008

Hey everyone. 
Just a quick hello to our new members and a status update. 
Firstly, we have merged the Raleigh and Charlotte Chapters into a single
North Carolina chapter (www.owasp.org/index.php/North_Carolina),
although the main content is still hosted on the Raleigh Chapter page at
As soon as we weed out the old members of the Charlotte Chapter which
are no longer active, we will be merging content on the OWASP site and
merging the mailing lists.
As I have discussed with most of you, we are planning a tentative North
Carolina OWASP event in Charlotte for January/February timeframe. We
have several local speakers lined up, and will be bringing in some
Chapter leaders from other chapters to speak as well. 
We will be tracking NC Chapter events on Zoji here: 
http://www.zoji.com/owaspnc, although there's nothing currently
scheduled, the idea is to utilize a tool like this so that others can
see who is attending and hopefully get them interested in events based
on others who will be attending. 
We need membership and for the word to spread. North Carolina has a
booming technology interest and we've been reaching out to companies and
related groups to attract members/attendees interested in participating
in Web Application Security. 
Please feel free to use this list to bounce ideas, ask questions,
whatever...anything related to Web Application Security (including
browser security). 
If anyone has any topics of interest they would like included for our
inaugural event, please let me know


Michael S. Menefee, CISSP (#43728)
Principal Consultant, Secure Solve Inc.
OWASP <http://www.owasp.org/>  Chapter Leader, North Carolina
Phone: (919) 439-3598
Fax: (919) 287-2570
mmenefee at securesolve.com
www.securesolve.com <http://www.securesolve.com/> 


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