[Owasp-Pune] Please see the CSA Blockchain Working Groups Latest Published Research

Ashish Mehta technoconsulting4smbs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 15:45:18 UTC 2018

Dear Friends,

On behalf of my Entire team at the Cloud.Security.Alliance;I would like to
share our Latest Published research in the Blockchain Space for the benefit
of the Entire Community.

You can also access the research directly by going to our Website


Best Regards,

Blockchain Working Group
IoT Security Consortium Team Lead
Cloud Security Alliance

M.Sc(Hons)-Columbia.University ,NY
B.Tech(Hons)-IIT-Kharagpur,Wes t Bengal,India
Certified Secure Developer(CSD)
Ron Knode Awardee for Cybersecurity Best Practices for 2017 at
Email-technoconsulting4smbs at gmail.com <technoconsulting4smbs at gmail.com>

[image: Inline images 1]


*ABOUT THE CSA1)We are a Cross-platform Member-Driven Non-Profit
Organization who like to bring in speakers  to educate our audience in a
vendor neutral setting on their experience or work with blockchain (or
related  DLT) technology.2)The Community consists of a majority of
Developers/Programmers with experience with Blockchain/Distributed Ledger
systems/IoT Security Practitioners3)We also have a number of Members who
head Governance & Standards Teams for Fortune 500 organizations
worldwide(USA,Japan,Singapore and India).4) In addition to gaining
advice/Knowledge from expert presenters we also publish peer-reviewed
Documents/Research Papers for access to the Global IT Community.*

More information can be found HERE

*https://cloudsecurityalliance. org/about/

*ABOUT THE BLOCKCHAIN WORKING GROUP Blockchain Glossary-Published on 1st
December 2017*
*Blockchain and Secure IOT( published on 8th February 2018)*

We are currently working on the Following 3 major Initiatives

1)Blockchain Security Best Practices(Currently Documenting)
2)Documentation of Successful Use Cases(Currently Documenting)
3)Blockchain as a Service(Currently Documenting)

You can Join the Working Group HERE

*https://cloudsecurityalliance. org/group/blockchain
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