[Owasp-Pune] You are cordially invited to our Guest CSA Presentation on Identity Management in the Blockchain on 13th September at 1PM EST

Ashish Mehta technoconsulting4smbs at gmail.com
Sat Sep 9 11:24:31 UTC 2017

Dear Friends,

On behalf of my entire team at the Cloud.Security.Alliance(CSA);I would
like to take this opportunity to cordially invite all of you to our Next
External Blockchain Presentation;Titled-"*Identity Management in the
Blockchain*" by Mr. John.Young,Senior Director and CTO at AVAYA,London.U.K.

Identity Access Management & the ability to manage complicated software
licensing are slowly and steadily shaping up to be Key Pain Points in the
Enterprise IT Network Space.Mr.Young and his team at AVAYA have developed a
most effective solution utilizing the Blockchain to address this critical
pain point for Enterprises.


AVAYA’s interest in Blockchain
Overview of Two Representative Use Cases (Identity Management & Software
Future roadmap/next steps for Blockchain in AVAYA.

*The Presentation is scheduled for September 13th at 1 PM Eastern Standard
Time(New York Time)/10 AM Pacific Standard Time(San Francisco Time)/1030 PM
Indian Standard Time *

You can access the presentation Here-


*Meeting Number:
*190 893 187*
Phone Number:
*+1-415-655-0001 <%28415%29%20655-0001> *
Please Contact -*hbaron at cloudsecurityalliance.org
<hbaron at cloudsecurityalliance.org>*;For international phone numbers (in the
event you plan to Login to the voice-con by Phone).

You will need to install Webex Console initially on your PCs/Macs first(if
its not already installed).

If you plan to Login from a Smartphone/Tab/Chromebook(also possible);again
you will need to download the Free Webex console from Google Play Store(for
Android Devices) & Apple Play Store(for iOS Devices).

In the rare event you can't make the presentation because of prior
commitments please don't hesitate to send me any questions you may have for
the Presenter and I will be sure to get them across to Mr.Young.

Please do not hesitate to pass this Invite along to anyone else who you
feel might benefit from this Webex Presentation.

We plan to make these external presentations a regular feature at the CSA.

Best Regards,

Blockchain Working Initiative
Cloud Security Alliance

B.Tech(Hons)-IIT-Kharagpur,West Bengal,India
technoconsulting4smbs at gmail.com

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*Mr.John.Young is Senior Director and CTO for AVAYAs Architecture and
Business Evolution Team.He is Based in London,U.K.*

His Company website is

*https://www.avaya.com/en/ <http://iota.org/>*

More information can be found at their company forums as well as training



Avaya is an American multinational technology company headquartered in
Santa Clara, California which specializes in Internet telephony, wireless
data communications and customer relationship management (CRM) software. It
serves organizations at over one million customer locations worldwide, with
operations divided globally into five regions, and is number 101 on Forbes'
list of America's largest private companies


1)We are a Cross-platform Member-Driven Non-Profit Organization who like to
bring in speakers  to educate our audience in a vendor neutral setting on
their experience or work with blockchain (or related) technology.

2)The Community consists of a majority of Developers/Programmers with
experience with Blockchain/Distributed Ledger systems/IoT Security

3)We also have a number of Members who head Governance & Standards Teams
for Fortune 500 organizations worldwide(USA,Japan,Singapore and India).

4) In addition to gaining advice/Knowledge from expert presenters we also
publish peer-reviewed Documents/Research Papers for access to the Global IT

More information can be found HERE


We are currently working on the Following 3 major Initiatives

1)Blockchain Glossary(In Final Peer Review)
2)Blockchain and Secure IOT(in Final Peer Review)
3)Documentation of Successful Use Cases(Currently Documenting)

You can Join the Initiative HERE


You can also Access our Previous Guest BLOCKCHAIN Presentations *HERE*

IOTA &The Tangle Protocol-August 2nd


BlockArmour-June 28th


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