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Every Indianis feeling conceited and buoyant with various revolutionary initiatives inDigital world launched by the present government under leadership of PrimeMinister Hon. Narendra Modiji. All of us are certain that these seeds ofDigital revolution may it be in form of Mission Digital India or Skill Indiaprogram will certainly bear fruits in coming years. These seeds are sown with afuturistic view and young millennial generation of India is likely to enjoytheses fruits.
After a longtime such a futuristic view and concrete steps for achieving the same have beeninitiated by government. Modiji need to be complimented for the same. Also allhis team needs a huge round of applause for incessantly working for achievingthe same.But sadlyit’s worthy to mention that all is not well in this Mission Digital Indiacampaign. If we consider what could be outcome of the Mission Digital India after few years, I am bit afraidof predicting the same. Let me try to predict the same. 
PresentlyDigital population of Indian users may be around 25-30 million as per veryconservative estimates and if 25% of them use it for banking as well as onlineshopping activities then we have roughly 10 million Indian population online.If considering they carry out monetary transactions worth Rs.500 each on weeklybasis the amount involved is Rs.20, 000Million per month.
Now if CyberCriminals target only 1% of these users, then also they are able to garnerabout 200 Million per month. Is it unbelievable?
Unfortunatelynone of us is prepared to accept the statistics presented above as it makes us terrifyingabout the whole scenario and these numbers does not have authenticity from anystatistical wing of the government.
But even ifthe statistics may be doubted but it can not be denied that Cyber criminals areacting more vigorously in this niche domain of crimes.
And to topit all the role of Banks, Police, Educational Institutions and judiciary needsa careful scrutiny. To start with Bank, none of them is actively engaged inawareness about the cyber security and preventive tips. What limited they aredoing is only lip service. The apex bank i.e. Reserve Bank of India is sittingon huge corpus meant for DEPOSITOR EDUCATION AND AWARENESS FUND since last fewyears. But none should question them!!!!!!
As reportingand investigation about such related crimes are concerned all is not too well.Our police machinery is not well educated to understand the magnitude anddamaging capacity these crimes posses. They are yet to come out of traditionaljurisdiction mind set and hence recurrently refuse to even register FIR, leavethe hope for investigation of the same. Many a times it is observed that policeare even not aware about provisions of Information Technology Act. Hence theyregister these crimes under IPC sections. Another difficulty with police isinvestigation as they don’t have well equipped Cyber Forensic Labs to analysethe modus operandi etc.
FortunatelyMaharashtra Government under leadership of CM Devendra Fadanvisji has promisedto set up Cyber Forensic Lab in every district place at Maharashtra. This willbe a huge moral booster for Police in Maharashtra and people from Maharashtracan expect that situation will improve in coming days.
As regardsto educational institutions less said is better as very few government schoolsand colleges have initiated such Cyber Awareness Training Programs and unlessthey are directed from top, they won’t initiate. In the case of CBSEinstitutions, CBSE has long issued directions for initiating few measures asregards Cyber Bullying etc. but whether these are functional needs a research.
Last ray ofhope is Judiciary but here also all is not well!!!! The first trial court speciallyestablished to look after Civil Litigation under Cyber Contraventions is scarcelyfunctional. Information Technology Secretary of each state is nominated to lookinto these matters but hardly any IT Secretary across all Indian states isserious about this additional mission given to them.
Theappellate tribunal set up above Adjudicator is also non-functional since last 6years as there is no appointment of the Chairperson of this CAT.
All othercivil courts are barred from entertaining matters involving cybercontraventions and hence their jurisdiction can not be invoked.
So overallview of banking, educational, judicial and police mechanisms is not soencouraging currently and success of Mission Digital India can not be said tobe in safe hands. What needs to be done is to identify these silent killers inthis ambitious and much needed project and weed them out.
UnlessModiji act tough on these silent killers, in my view damage of the mission willbe enormous and one of the finest projects will never take off the way itshould be!!!!
Hence thisappeal to PM Modiji for weeding out these damaging factors!!!!!  

Advocate Mahendra Limaye   

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