[Owasp-Pune] Invitation for talks/presentations in upcoming OWASP Pune chapter meetups

Ajit Dhumale ajit.dhumale at owasp.org
Mon Sep 12 16:52:37 UTC 2016

Dear OWASP Pune chapter members,

We have had very good talks in OWASP Pune chapter Meetup and very
enthusiastic participation this year so far. Many of the chapter members
are security practitioners with very good hands-on security experience. We
would like the invite the chapter members to present talks in upcoming
meetups and to share their knowledge with rest of us.

Here are some suggested themes but any topic on security is welcome.

-          Deep dive: In depth analysis of any security topic

-          Latest updates: Talk about recent vulnerabilities or happenings
in security world

-          OWASP projects: Details about OWASP (as well as non OWASP)
projects and tools related to security

-          Tools: Talk about security tools (that you have used) with use
cases and analysis

-          Security incidences: Detailed analysis of recent security

-          Trends: Security trends and future

o   E.g. IoT security, Big data security

Also feel free to suggest other activities apart from talks for the meetups.

Please feel free to send mail to the chapter leaders (Ajit Dhumale <
ajit.dhumale at owasp.org>, Ashwini Paranjpe ashwini.paranjpe at owasp.org,
Narendra Shinde <narendra.shinde at owasp.org>) with topic(s) you would like
to present at upcoming OWASP Pune chapter Meetups. Do suggest names of
external speakers which you think we can invite for talks.

Meetups are generally scheduled on 2nd or 3rd Thursday of a month.


OWASP Pune chapter
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