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Hi All,

Ground Zero Infosec Summit is an initiative of independent apex
not-for-profit body and is an outcome of an alliance between industry
and Government of India to tackle emerging cyber security threats
against critical information infrastructure. The summit is supported
by the Govt. of India.

Call for Papers and workshops is open for Ground Zero Summit. We
expect quality papers with highly technical research in the field of
information security. At Ground zero summit it is our endeavour to
promote new and interesting ideas that will change the outlook of
information security. Hence we have decided to reward new research
with an honorarium of USD 500 in addition to the speaker benefits.
Please read the CFP below for details on the speaker benefits and the
format of submission.

Tracks and relevant submissions
G0S will be a triple track conference and we are looking for paper
submissions under any one of the tracks.

1. Systems Track (OS/Systems/Application/Hardware)
- OS exploitation
- Application hacking
- Rootkits and Malware
- Forensics and Anti-forensics
- SCADA security and exploitation
- Telecom equipment security and exploitation
- Embedded device/hardware security and exploitation
- Malware on the mobile platform – Android, Windows OS, Symbian
- Mobile Application Security

2. Communications Track (Communication and Networks)
- Protocol exploitation and security
- Botnet communication, C&C and takedowns
- Web hacking
- Radio communication hacking
- GSM/3G/LTE/5G networks – security and exploitation
- Satellite communication hacking
- Network security
- Intrusion prevention (and evasion) techniques
- APT prevention (and evasion) techniques
- Replacing network Security with “Intelligent, self automated Networks”
- Growth of Mobile Data Networks with repercussions for the same

3. Strategy Track (Gov/GRC/Cyber warfare/CII)
- Privacy
- Social media in context of security and Privacy
- Surveillance
- Auditing
- New age Cyber warfare/Cyber intelligence/Cyber terrorism/Cyber crimes
- Upcoming information security trends
- Critical infrastructure Protection
- Cyber security in context of the Govt.
- Global Cyber Diplomacy
- IT Act 2008 in light of Prism Surveillance
- Security VS privacy
- Evolving role of CERT to protect country’s citizens against external
and internal intrusions
- Repercussions of PRISM surveillance leak on Social Media

Paper Presentation
1. Talk duration: 1 Hr including Q&A
2. Paper has to be innovative.

1. Workshop duration: Half day, One day or Two Days
2. Workshop has to be up-to-date, hands-on and have very limited or no theory.

Speaker Privileges
The speaker privileges are provided to only one speaker in case there
are two or more speakers.
1. Return economy airfare. We will book the ticket for the speaker. In
case the speaker wants to book his/her own tickets, he/she needs to
inform us about the same and a maximum of USD 1400 or the ticket cost
which ever is less will be reimbursed to the speaker.
2. Three nights accommodation.
3. One speaker pass and one complementary conference pass.
4. Invitation to Conference party.
5. Honorarium: An honorarium of USD 500 will be given to only those
talks that are new, highly technical and have never been presented or
published before (before G0S 2013) anywhere online or offline. Please
note that the Ground Zero staff will determine whether the paper is to
be considered for an honorarium or not and their decision will be
final based on the technical depth of the talk and whether it has been
presented/published before. The selected speakers will be notified
about the same in our acceptance email. The honorarium is only for
paper presentations.

Important dates
1. CFP opens – 25th June 2013
2. First round of speaker list – 1st August 2013
3. CFP closes – 30th September 2013
4. Final speaker list – 10th October 2013

Send an email to cfp[ at ]g0s.org with the subject: G0S 2013 CFP

Submission format
1. Paper Title
2. Name
3. Organization and Designation
4. Brief Profile of yourself
5 Phone No.
6. Track:
7. Abstract of the Paper/Workshop
8. Have you presented/published/submitted this paper anywhere else? Where?
9. Why do you think it is a quality presentation/workshop?
10. Detailed Paper/Workshop (please attach with the email)
11. Your photo (please attach with the email)


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