[Owasp-Pune] Project Jugaad released

null giimale at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 03:43:21 EDT 2011

Hi All,

I've released the first version of Jugaad library. 'libjugaad' enables a
binary to inject code (as a thread) within the context of another process on
Linux. It exposes a simple API which is somewhat similar to
CreateRemoteThread() on Windows and is very easy to use.

int create_remote_thread(pid_t pid,
                                     size_t stack_size,
                                     unsigned char * tpayload,
                                     size_t tpsize,
                                     int thread_flags,
                                     int mmap_prot,
                                     int mmap_flags,
                                     void * bkpaddr);

For the knowledge hungry and for people who missed my talk at nullcon 2011,
the detail paper is uploaded on http://null.co.in/2011/07/03/project-jugaad/.
If time permits I'll also post a video on the usage and internals of the
library on SecurityTube.

Why create the library?
Because there is no such (until now :p) functionality provided by the *nix
platform for remote thread injection.

Why this email?
A request to test / use the API. Appreciate feedback from people on what
distribution it fails or if there are any bugs - as I am yet to deliver it
at defcon 2011. Your contribution (a valid bug report) would definitely be
mentioned as contributor in my presentation.

Source code?
Details: http://null.co.in/2011/07/03/project-jugaad-2/
git repo: git://github.com/aseemjakhar/jugaad.git

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