[Owasp-Pune] CLUBHACK2010: Call for volunteer

Rohit Srivastwa rohit11 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 05:09:30 EDT 2010

Hi All
As you all know the announcement for ClubHack2010 is done with the big 
news of Bruce Schneier being a keynote speaker, the time has come to 
make the volunteer team just like last year and bring the event to success

This year we are planning to pick volunteers from

    * NULL Pune Chapter
    * Owasp Pune Chapter

I know most of the members are overlapping but still this will enable 
the rest of the members to try their chance

*Area of work*

    * *Travel booking *(_2 ppl_) - To communicate with travel agent and
      do the proper booking as per speakers request
    * *Venue & Accommodation** *(_2 ppl_) - Booking of event venue,
      accommodation of speakers & receiving speakers from airport, lunch etc
    * *Decoration & ICT** *(_2 ppl_) - Posters / banners printing,
      setting up the venue, projector, mic, camera, wireless
    * *Merchandise** *(_2 ppl_) - Deciding of merchandise, getting stuff
      printed. Delivery & distribution
    * *Publicity** *(_3 ppl_) - Art work, designing, printing &
      distribution. Printing journal of the event. Other publicity channels
    * *Registration desk** *(_2 ppl_) - Online registration with ayojak,
      registration desk & venue
    * *Emcee** *(_2 ppl_) - Smart  people (one boy & one girl) to manage
      the stage of the show

*Volunteers Benefit*

    * Free entry to the event (obviously)
    * Part of the corporate lunch with Bruce
    * Part of the dinner bash
    * Double merchandise (as compared to normal audience)
    * Limited edition merchandise (not for normal audience)

*Strictly No*

    * No boyfriend / girlfriend free entry in the name of volunteership
    * No yaar dost coming free in the name of volunteership
    * No running away fro work if you have chosen yourself to be a
      volunteer. Forced one can run away :)

*Join the team
Send in your name with the area of choice


Rohit Srivastwa
Founder, ClubHack

URL: http://clubhack.com
email: rohit at clubhack.com
call: +91-92-CLUBHACK

"Any tool is a weapon if you hold it right." --Ani Difranco

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