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Fri Jul 9 03:25:19 EDT 2010

Greetings from null!

We are proud to announce the launch of our latest project: n|u Jobs
n|u Jobs a.k.a null security jobs is an initiative by null - The open
security community. The aim of the project is to aid and boost
employment in the field of information security. The job posters
and seekers both can post/apply for jobs online and are not
charged anything for using the service.

Website: http://jobs.nullcon.net
Email: jobs_a t_null.co.in
Working for Peanuts? Working under Hari Sadu? Logon to jobs.null.co.in
Today :-)

About null
null is an open community and a non-profit initiative with the aim of
bringing together the best minds in the information security field and
work on innovative solutions to counter current an emerging threats.
It is also a forum to freely discuss and responsibly disclose security
vulnerabilities via project Keeda.

What is null Keeda Project?
Keeda Project is a database of vulnerabilities reported by the
security community at large to null. The aim of Keeda project is to
inform the vendors and govt about any vulnerabilities found in the
wild and reported to us to enable the organizations respond to that
security threat quickly and fix it before crackers can steal
confidential data or infect their systems. Keeda is a free service and
we don't charge anything to the vendors. Although a Thank you note for
the person who reported the vulnerability and Keeda would encourage
more people to report vulnerabilities to us (eventually to you
privately) instead of disclosing them in public which can harm any
organization's business reputation.

Email: keeda_a t_null.co.in
Contact us if you have found any vulns (and also if the vendors are
not responding).


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