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Rohit Srivastwa rohit at clubhack.com
Mon Sep 7 02:52:35 EDT 2009

I tried this link on my sandbox with a garbage authentication & found 
that it throws zip file "photo.zip" for download which actually has 3 
photos of an Indian girl in a wedding.
Interestingly someone has uploaded actual photographs


Ravikumar Bodkhe wrote:
> Hi List,
> Currently I got email mentioned My Wedding Photograph.
> form email id archana .
> and following provide link
> http://serviceaccountredirected.110mb.com/www.google.com/accounts/ServiceLoginserviceorkuth1enUSrmfalsecontinuewww.orkut.co.in/login.htm
> but when I read it carefully I found that it was from 
> http://serviceaccountredirected.110mb.com and redirecting to our orkut 
> account.
> After that I got many mail stating wedding photograph. I was'nt 
> visited to that link but few of my friends who followed the link found 
> blank orkut page.
> Please be aware from such email stating My Wedding Photograph.
> If any one have more details please share it with list.
> Thanks and regards
> Ravikumar Bodkhe
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