[OWASP-Projects] Free Demo Opportunity for OWASP Projects!

Jason Li jason.li at owasp.org
Fri Aug 5 00:06:34 EDT 2011


As you may have heard, the AppSec USA 2011 conference organizers,
in conjunction with the Global Projects Committee, are holding an
Open Source Showcase @ AppSec USA 2011.

The showcase is the perfect chance to highlight OWASP projects and we want
to make sure that you get the chance to participate, even if you can't
attend the conference (see below).

* For those that can attend, we are offering a limited number of FREE booth
spaces to open source projects. The showcase is open to ANY open source
projects (including non-OWASP Projects), so let's make sure that OWASP is
properly represented at our own showcase! It would be a shame if more
non-OWASP projects applied than OWASP ones!

Learn more about this initiative, including how to submit your project for
consideration, by visiting:

Applications are due Friday, August 19th and are considered on a rolling
basis - so get moving!

* For those that can't attend, the Global Projects Committee will be manning
a booth at the showcase and looping short presentations and videos submitted
by OWASP project leaders.

If you would like to get some exposure for your OWASP project, create a
short video or auto-running presentation (maximum 5 minutes) to be played at
our booth to introduce or demo your project!

We will collect all submitted videos and presentations and loop
them throughout the showcase.

Note that it will not be the role of the GPC to provide narration
or explanation to viewers, and there not be any audio at the booth.
Make sure to plan your videos and presentations accordingly with
captions and appropriate slide animation timings!

Send the completed presentation (or a link to download if it is to large for
email) to projects at owasp.org with the subject header "OOSS 2011 Remote Demo"
by Friday, September 2nd.

Note that while we will try to play all submitted presentations, technical
or logistical issues may prevent us from including or playing all

Global Projects Committee Chair
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