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> Caros,
> perdoem-me o SPAM, mas imagino que possa interessar a alguém!
> Abraço.
> Mozilla Developer Roadshow @ ISCTE-IUL
> A Mozilla <https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/> em conjunto com o ISCTE-IUL
> <https://www.iscte-iul.pt/>, com o apoio da AP2SI <https://ap2si.org/>,
> vai organizar um evento do Mozilla Developer Roadshow no ISCTE-IUL, no
> próximo dia 9 de Novembro, entre as 10h30 e as 12h30. Neste evento
> contaremos com a presença de dois developers da Mozilla, que irão partilhar
> conosco um pouco sobre a visão da Mozilla sobre o futuro da Web.
> A participação é *gratuíta* mas carece de *inscrição* pois os *lugares
> são limitados*: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/mozilla-
> developer-roadshow-iscte-iul-tickets-39190744572
> Abaixo podem encontrar alguma informação sobre os nossos oradores.
> Emerging Technologies @ Mozilla
> New web standards and technologies are constantly being introduced, and it
> can be hard to sift through the buzz and understand what impact they will
> have on you or your users. In this talk, we will walk through projects
> Mozilla has or will be introducing, such as the Rust language, WebVR, Web
> Assembly, voice/speech, and others, and how will impact web developers and
> the web going forward.
> *Ali Spivak* (Developer Outreach @ Mozilla)
> Ali Spivak is the head of Developer Ecosystem at Mozilla and Chairs the
> MDN Product Advisory Board. She has managed MDN for 5+ years and is
> committed to an interoperable, cross-platform web. Prior to Mozilla, she
> managed web production at Cisco, Edmunds.com <http://edmunds.com/>, and
> numerous startups.
> Firefox Quantum – the new Firefox
> Firefox 57, to be launched in November this year, will bring a new UI, new
> features, and numerous performance improvements. The talk will present the
> visible changes and explain what has been done behind the hood, and why we
> should be excited about the coming of a new generation of browser engines.
> *Jean-Yves Perrier* (Senior St. Project Manager, Developer Documentation
> / MDN)
> Based in London, Jean-Yves works for Mozilla. He created his first Web
> site in 1995; he started to document and advocate Web technologies in 2010,
> first as a technical writer, then as the MDN Content Lead. He is now a
> Senior Program Manager, doing developer outreach.
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