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Hi all, 

Here is an opportunity for some fun. For any questions please contact Brian Ventura. 

Have a great holiday season and a very happy new year. 


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Subject: holiday hack challenge 

Will you send this out to the OWASP membership? 


It is time again. Are you looking for: some free training? Games to 
play? A way into the pen-testing world? An understanding of how 
attackers could get into your network? Prizes, gifts, fun for kids to 

All of this and more is available in the Holiday Hack Challenge: 

This is a free site, built by the big names in SANS pen-testing and 
other courses. All previous year challenges are available. This year's 
is still open for winning prizes. Previous years are great to get more 
skills and entertainment. 

The challenge is built for all levels and Ed Skoudis, the primary 
creator, designed these challenges to allow kids to adults to get 
something out of it and even recommends bringing your own children into 
the game with a video-style section, where they can find hints and pass 
those up to parents to take to the next level! 

I highly recommend each of you participating, either to hone your skills 
or provide some educational entertainment to you and your family over 
the holidays and whenever you find time to explore. 


Brian Ventura 
water at bighead.org 
Twitter: @brianwifaneye 
SANS: https://www.sans.org/instructors/brian-ventura 
Information Security Architect 
SANS Community Instructor 
ISSA Portland, Director of Education 

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