[Owasp-portland] FLOSSHack Details and Potential Targets

Wil Clouser clouserw at gmail.com
Thu May 10 23:23:50 UTC 2012

I didn't know we had a meeting scheduled for the 10th.  Maybe we could
use that meeting to remind people about this and do the FLOSSHack a
couple weeks afterwards (giving time for people to set up the VM).  I
scheduled it close in just because otherwise it might get put off
forever but bumping to mid-late June could be a good idea.


On Thu, May 10, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Timothy D. Morgan
<tmorgan-owasp at vsecurity.com> wrote:
> Hi Wil,
>> The options they were looking at to allow groups to use the space in
>> the evenings/weekends for a reduced rate didn't pass the board vote so
>> that is out.  As a member, I can sponsor 2 hours of meeting time this
>> month for the OWASP meeting, anything over that hits the regular
>> $35/hour rate.
> That's great to know about for future meetings with Collective Agency.  Thanks
> for following up with that.  We could either find a sponsor for the meeting to
> extend it to 4 hours for a very reasonable $70, or just have it elsewhere.
> Anyone think their company would jump at the chance to sponsor it?
>> I know we were talking about a longer get together so
>> I'm not sure if that'll work or not.  Timothy, did you investigate
>> getting any funds from OWASP?
> I did read up on chapter funding, and besides the method we've been using so far
> (having sponsors for individual meetings) it looks like we can either start
> encouraging paid memberships or looking for local companies to sponsor us on an
> annual basis.  I could probably ask the OWASP board for "start up" funds of some
> sort, since we're a young chapter, but chances are they're going to come back at
> some point with strong with encouragement to start asking people to join as
> $50/year members.  (Going this route doesn't mean everyone must pay to join
> meetings.  It just means we'd be pestering you all the time, OPB-style, to pony
> up. =)  If you guys are cool with that, I'm fine with it as well, but I had
> initially hoped to establish a strong attendance and regular meetings before
> going there.
> For FLOSSHack, I'm kind of interested in trying out FreeGeek.  We haven't had a
> meeting there yet, and it seems it could accommodate quite a few people, even if
> folks do get a bit spread out through the building.  (That may actually be OK
> for this kind of event, as folks might want to be heads-down hacking now and
> then with less interruption.)
>> Regarding Ushahidi, it sounds like they've been making progress with
>> their security group.  Some details are at
>> http://wiki.ushahidi.com/display/WIKI/Security+Working+Group including
>> the submission process (emailing them).  Security issues are published
>> publicly at http://security.ushahidi.com/
> Great!  I'm glad they are getting organized about their security posture.  Makes
> reporting issues much easier.
>> I'm still figuring out if they'd like to be present (live or virtual)
>> at our meeting but I think the next steps here are to determine where
>> and when we want to do this and how many people will show up.  Towards
>> that end, I think scheduling online last time had good feedback, so I
>> made a link we can schedule with:
>> http://www.doodle.com/mu3486diwmrarpb4
> Great.  I wanted to do this, but hadn't got around to it.  I think based on the
> replies I received to the "weeknight vs. weekend" question, the majority of
> people preferred doing it on a weekend.
> The most important consideration, though, is scheduling with our venue.  If we
> do go with FreeGeek, Sundays would probably be best based on what Paul told me
> off-list.  Collective Agency probably has a bit more flexibility on this.
> Unfortunately my schedule this month has become totally crazy and I will be out
> of town for a lot of it.  I've added the weekend days I can do to the doodle
> page (which are May 19 & 20, or June 2 & 3).  Doing the 2nd and 3rd is probably
> safest from a planning perspective, but I also don't want to steal any thunder
> from the meeting we have on the 10th.
>> It's tough to find a good day so I threw some variety in there but
>> it's by no means official - if everyone can find another good day or
>> you want me to add one to the list just let me know, I just wanted to
>> get the ball rolling.  We talked about meeting for 2-4 hours in an
>> evening, so figure 6pm or so on whatever day?
> I'm fine with doing it later in the day on the weekend, but earlier works too.
> Earlier might be better on a Sunday.
>> Also, did anyone else play with the virtual machine?  Any trouble
>> getting it up and running?
> No time yet. =(  I'm sure it won't be too tough to throw together though.
> Thanks for keeping the ball rolling!
> tim

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