[Owasp-portland] FLOSSHack Details and Potential Targets

Wil Clouser clouserw at gmail.com
Thu May 10 18:31:24 UTC 2012

The options they were looking at to allow groups to use the space in
the evenings/weekends for a reduced rate didn't pass the board vote so
that is out.  As a member, I can sponsor 2 hours of meeting time this
month for the OWASP meeting, anything over that hits the regular
$35/hour rate.  I know we were talking about a longer get together so
I'm not sure if that'll work or not.  Timothy, did you investigate
getting any funds from OWASP?

Regarding Ushahidi, it sounds like they've been making progress with
their security group.  Some details are at
http://wiki.ushahidi.com/display/WIKI/Security+Working+Group including
the submission process (emailing them).  Security issues are published
publicly at http://security.ushahidi.com/

I'm still figuring out if they'd like to be present (live or virtual)
at our meeting but I think the next steps here are to determine where
and when we want to do this and how many people will show up.  Towards
that end, I think scheduling online last time had good feedback, so I
made a link we can schedule with:

It's tough to find a good day so I threw some variety in there but
it's by no means official - if everyone can find another good day or
you want me to add one to the list just let me know, I just wanted to
get the ball rolling.  We talked about meeting for 2-4 hours in an
evening, so figure 6pm or so on whatever day?

Also, did anyone else play with the virtual machine?  Any trouble
getting it up and running?



On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 3:09 PM, Wil Clouser <clouserw at gmail.com> wrote:
> There isn't a system in place for being a recurring sponsored group,
> but the policies they are working on now would allow a member to
> sponsor a meeting like this.  Let me get back to Portland (next week)
> and sort some things out.
> We should still figure out the rest of your questions - who is
> interested, how many, date/time, etc.
> Thanks,
> Wil
> On Wed, May 2, 2012 at 11:45 AM, Timothy D. Morgan
> <tmorgan-owasp at vsecurity.com> wrote:
>>> Collective Agency is investigating alternative memberships for small
>>> groups of people right now.  I can give you updates on developments
>>> there - probably next week or the week after.  I don't know about
>>> freegeek.  Thanks for the logistics questions - definitely good next
>>> steps. :)
>> Ok, great.  If you wouldn't mind following up on that to see if our chapter
>> could generally be added as a sponsored group, or whatever they call it, that
>> would be a big help.  Or, maybe just get special permission for this meeting
>> since we're doing it to help out Ushahidi; it might be hard for them to say no
>> to that.
>>>> Great!  I was dreading having to set up VMWare on my linux box again.  It can be
>>>> so painful...
>>> Ha, we've come a long ways. :)  Virtualbox is a quick install now.
>> No, I'm saying VMWare is still a bear to deal with on my Debian unstable
>> environment.  By comparison, VirtualBox is a dream.
>> tim

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