[Owasp-portland] FLOSSHack Details and Potential Targets

Timothy D. Morgan tmorgan-owasp at vsecurity.com
Wed May 2 18:09:41 UTC 2012

> We could get
> everyone trying to get the VM going this week (or next week), then a
> week of playing, and then meet the week after?

Well, we need to work out the venue logistics first.  I still am not sure where
we will hold this meeting.  I definitely like Collective Agency, but it's not
free, so we'd either need to find a sponsor, or convince OWASP to fund it (need
to investigate that), or convince Collective Agency to let us do it for free,
since they sometimes support nonprofits in that way (under certain
arrangements).  FreeGeek is an option, but it is small and the scheduling is
tighter.  There's also the various public library options and I have leads on at
least one other location, but I need to find out whether or not these have good
Internet access.

The next step I planned on doing here was to try and figure out how many people
are going to come in person (which is always difficult, since a lot of people
fail to RSVP). If I expect there will be a lot planning on showing up, we may
need to rule out FreeGeek, for instance.  Right now it sounds like a 3-4 hour
weekend session is the preferred scenario.

Anyway, if anyone wants to help me research some of these things, I'd welcome
the assistance.

> If people aren't familiar with VMs this is a good chance to learn too.
>  The package I linked to is just a virtualbox image (virtualbox is
> free and cross platform - an excellent VM host).

Great!  I was dreading having to set up VMWare on my linux box again.  It can be
so painful...


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