[Owasp-portland] FLOSSHack One

Timothy D. Morgan tmorgan-owasp at vsecurity.com
Sat Jun 23 17:18:23 UTC 2012

Hey all,

We're just over a week away from our first FLOSSHack event, which will be on
Sunday, July 1 from noon to 4pm at Free Geek.  Keep in mind that you should feel
free to come and go as you please throughout that time frame, or join us
remotely.  A general overview of the event can be found here:

When we have the code and a VM ready for the specific version of Ushahidi we're
testing, we'll post them here (which I hope will happen soon):

The last major detail to work out is deciding how people can join remotely and
how we'll record the event.  I think if it were left up to me to manage, I'd
just end up setting up a Google+ Hangouts room, which allows for video, screen
sharing and recording.  I'm not particularly thrilled about the utter lack of
anonymity it provides, but it is cross-platform and I can't think of a better
technical solution at the moment.  If someone else feels strongly that we should
use some other approach and would like to volunteer to manage it, I'm all ears.


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