[Owasp-portland] Multnomah Library as Meeting Space

Timothy D. Morgan tmorgan-owasp at vsecurity.com
Thu Jan 26 01:09:41 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Great meeting last night.  Thanks for coming, those who could make it.
During our discussions, it was mentioned that the Multnomah county
library might be an option for free meeting space.  I've looked into it
a little and here are three locations that seem to be good, based on
meeting room size and accessibility:

In order to book these, I think someone just needs to have a library
card and then fill out a request form for an open date/time.  One of the
only restrictions is that all library branches close at 6pm except on
Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, depending on which location it is.  On
those days, locations may be open until 8pm.

I'm also not sure about availability of projectors, I'll have to call
some branches.

How would people feel about these locations for our more formal
meetings?  Any of them a serious pain to get to?  I live near the
Hillsdale location, so if we did any meetings there, I could easily drop
off the form prior to each meeting.


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