[Owasp-portland] DFRWS 2010 in Portland

Timothy D. Morgan tmorgan-owasp at vsecurity.com
Tue May 25 21:10:59 EDT 2010

Hello all,

This is slightly off topic, but near and dear to my heart, so I just
wanted to share.  Hope you don't mind.

DFRWS is a research-oriented digital forensics conference which brings
together academics, corporate incident responders, and law enforcement
to discuss the latest research in the field.  In my opinion it is one
of the better digital forensics conferences in the US.

DFRWS 2010 will be held right here in Portland on August 2-4.  You can
find out more here:
Some of the reasons I personally enjoy the conference and keep
attending each year:

- It is small.  Some of the most well known computer forensics
  researchers attend each year, and with a headcount of just about
  100, it is easy to rub elbows with some sharp folks.

- It is affordable.  Since the conference isn't training-oriented,
  prices are quite reasonable when comparing it to other forensics
  conferences.  For this reason it's also a great conference for
  students to get their feet wet in a niche computer discipline.
  Please forward this along to any local students you know who might
  be interested.

- An open source flavor.  I'm a fan of open source and many of the
  attendees at the conference regularly release open source tools.

If you register before the 1st of June, you'll save yourself $75.


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