[Owasp-portland] Evaluating Penetration Testers

John Sieh JohnSieh at UmpquaBank.com
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I think we can all agree both "VA" and "PT" are loaded terms with large
degree's of variance for each theoretical definition applied
Clearly discussing the finer points leads to lots of debate,
philosophical differences and so on, and obviously has been done many
times in the past, often on some of the more public facing e-mail lists


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	There haven't been any replies... anyone out there? 

I'll chime in to at least point out that I am here in the audience. This
is all quite interesting to me and I hope to soak up enough information
by reading traffic here to further my overall goals and interests.
However, I have no real knowledge of security nor obscurity so I will
largely refrain from comment unless I have something relevant to

If someone wanted to give away security consulting in order to generate
list traffic, I would be a willing victim I mean participant.


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