[Owasp-portland] Portland OWASP Chapter Meeting

Aj Dexter aj.dexter at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 16:40:19 EDT 2009

Hey All,

     I wanted to send out a quick status email. I had intended on having the
meeting during the month of May, but the location I had in mind fell
through. I believe I've worked out a new place which should be more stable,
and conveniently located in Downtown PDX. If that's not conveniently located
for everyone please let me know.

Below are a few items I'd like to get a consensus from the group on:

1) Future topics, and ideas about whether you, or someone you know would
come in and give some talks on those subjects. Here's a quick list of ideas
I have thought might be useful.

- SQL, could be broken down into generic discussion of stored procedures of
specific DBMS', or SQL injection, etc.
- SOA - OASIS Web Services Security
- Cookie Tampering
- Talks on the various types of tools for web application security
- AJAX or various other web 2.0 trends or topics.
- I'd personally like to discuss Ruby on Rails
- Quick book reviews of application security titles. (How many read all the
security books we should?)

2) Best meeting times? evenings, days, Wednesday evenings at 11pm (kidding),
etc. Let me know what works best for everyone and I'll set it up.

We're a small group so far, and I expect that to change over some time. If
anyone would like to volunteer with coordinating some of the meetings, or
the various other tasks that go into owning a OWASP Chapter it would be much
appreciated, so let me know.

AJ Dexter
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