[Owasp-phoenix] May 2015 Meeting Announcement!

Dean Ritts dearitts at cox.net
Sun May 3 05:27:26 UTC 2015

I like the way you think.  Great suggestions and hope I can help if necessary.  Possibly restart the phxbsides group too.



Andre Gironda <andre at operations.net> wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 12:14 AM, Joaquin Fuentes <joaquin.fuentes at owasp.org
>> wrote:
>> Dear Owasp-phoenix Subscribers,
>> I'm excited to announce the next Phoenix OWASP chapter meeting, which will
>> be held at UAT (Room #205) on Tuesday, May 05, 2015.  Please put this on
>> your calendars and join us while we revive the chapter.  Let's keep the
>> great momentum going since CactusCon; it was awesome seeing the community
>> again.
>Joaquin and others,
>Tuesdays are going to be bad for me, including this week, and ultimately,
>forever. Excited about reviving the chapter and hope to see other events,
>or other days of the week where events will be switched to or planned for.
>A few years ago when the chapter was AWESOME (thanks to Pete R, Andrew W,
>etc), Skyler B couldn't attend on Tuesdays, which left a gap in our
>community. If I do end up becoming a similar gap -- I hope that others rise
>to the occasion and attend these excellent networking and learning
>opportunities afforded to you by the OWASP community.
> Title: iOS App Attack and Defense (OWASP Mobile Top 10 Edition) Presenter:
>> Seth Law
>> (https://github.com/nVisium/Swift.nV).
>See, now I'm really mad that I can't come with my Apple Watch. Had so many
>questions about the WatchKit apps (watch-side) and extensions
>(iDevice-side), especially around InterfaceController.swift,
>awakeWithContext, labels, and image/table views. It makes me wonder if the
>model presentation mode will be subject to UI redress attacks -- especially
>with the rich Notification capabilities
>(WKUserNotificationInterfaceController class). Curious if the flash is
>encrypted since the App Groups allow files to pass between the devices.
>Last, but not least, very curious about how the Apple Watch implements NFC,
>EMV, and Apple Pay -- http://security.stackexchange.com/a/86352/140
>If you have time later this week, I'll be at The Stockyards for an
>open-networking event hosted by Cigital, Thursday, May 7th, starting at
>6PM. The address is 5009 E Washington St, Phoenix, 85034. If anyone shows,
>then perhaps we can discuss hosting on-going, open-networking
>professional's happy-hour OWASP events on first-of-the-month Thursdays
>going forward.
>Not trying to steal Joaquin's thunder, but I do like to stir up the pot
>(and trying to leverage lessons learned from our past Phoenix OWASP
>failings). OWASP Austin (at least when I lived there) did host two separate
>events: one during the day (lunch 'n learn style) at a corporate HQ -- and
>a separate, professional's happy-hour meetup at a local Irish bar. Any
>thoughts or comments are welcome.
>All my best,
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