[Owasp-phoenix] Hackfest 11AM-2PM Saturday September 8 DeVry Phoenix - Backtrack5 r3 Eval with Free DVD

Lisa Kachold lisakachold at obnosis.com
Sat Sep 8 17:04:24 UTC 2012

Hackfest today 11AM-2PM in our new location at DeVry University on the
second floor.

We will be previewing Backtrack5r3 - new features.  We might have
VirtualBox flags, but we will be concentrating on assist everyone to get a
USB or DVD setup for your festing fun. I will be giving out DVD's with

Sorry we don't have the DEFCON 20 vids yet. There are some online, but not
as good as the commercial ones coming thanks to Ben Trussell - ASU.

We have a great number of Cisco devices to exploit at the facility - all
unpatched.  We will go over how to Network Discovery and more, depending on

Are you a Gimp?
We have a TeeShirt Design Contest also.  The winner will get a USB drive
and a TeeShirt free.

See you at DeVry!

2149 West Dunlap Ave Phoenix, AZ 85021 We have instructions to enter
through the South Door at DeVry and go up the stairs.  This Door will be
open for us.  If it is not, go around to the Campus library desk and
exchange an ID for a badge or Call (503)
Description: http://www.it-clowns.com/c/index.php/hackfests/september/<http://www.it-clowns.com/c/index.php/hackfests/>
(503) 754-4452 Android
(623) 239-3392 Skype
(623) 688-3392 Google Voice
Lead Clown
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