[Owasp-phoenix] July OWASP Phoenix Meeting, Tuesday the 3rd

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Mon Jul 2 00:53:11 UTC 2012


Looking forward to see you all on Tuesday, 6:30PM & UAT.  Details below:

*Not the end of XSS*

XSS is by no means a solved problem. There is no silver bullet, function
call or technology that makes

you absolutely immune. This talk is focusing on bypassing Anti-XSS filters
found in browsers as well

as bypassing Content Security Policy (CSP) restrictions. This talk covers
how these technologies are

used to protect a web application and how they can be abused by an attacker.

*Michael Brooks*

Michael Brooks was in the top 1% of earners in the Google bug bounty
program. He has written

exploits for software you have probably used, patches have been written and
we are all safer for it. A

perfectly secure system can never be accomplished, test everything, trust

Please expect this next month's meeting to go a small bit longer as we
going to have some chapter updates initially.


We are so dazzled by the speed and expanding applications of technology
that we begin to think it is an adequate substitute for what it replaces. -
Peter Block
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