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Carlos Macedo Gomes powerofprimes at gmail.com
Tue May 5 17:07:36 EDT 2009

Has OWASP Phoenix considered a barcamp/ignite style meeting (i.e.,
The basic idea is get people in the same location prepared to talk about
something relavant at a very basic level.  The talk/presentation can almost
be at the public brainstorming level.  Once everyone gets together, the
attendees list what topics are available (whiteboard, stickies, paper passed
around, etc).  If there's an overflow of ideas vs time then all attendees
present (aka talk).  In the militant barcamps, if you don't
present/participate you're not allowed to attend.  If there's not enough
time for all topics, then a vote (using stickies, whiteboards, show of
hands, etc) on what gets talked about is done with the most voted topic
going first (or last if you want to keep the group waiting <grin>).

The basic idea is that everyone should come prepared to talk (aka present)
**and** also participate in talks led by others.  Talks are 2-5mins with
breakout sessions for continued threads or networking (for offline
followups).  Slides are (very) optional.

I think it would be cool to have an event of that type in PHX with a
security focus or to get a bunch of security folks together to participate
at one of the next PHX barcamps or ignites:


On Tue, May 5, 2009 at 1:46 PM, Adam Muntner <adam.muntner at quietmove.com>wrote:

> Yes there is.
> I think we all want a vibrant chapter, there is definitely the audience for
> OWASP in Poenix but we need to remedy the speaker situation for this to
> happen. I can't an I'm not going to talk at every meeting, I think tonight
> let's have a short meeting focused on picing specific future dates for
> topics and picking dates to speak at, we should really be having speakers
> scheduled 4 months in advance - that's only 4 people and 4 topics.
> Let's accomplish that tonght - set a calendar - and then all of us focus on
> how we will get more people to attend, since we will have meetings and
> speakers to talk about when promoting the group.
> Sound like a plan?

Carlos Macedo Gomes
_sic itur ad astra_
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