[Owasp-phoenix] Comments welcome regarding Phoenix/Tools

Andre Gironda andre at operations.net
Thu Jan 18 22:03:38 EST 2007

I put up a list of tools for web application security at:


This list is also linked off of the main page (the Phoenix OWASP main
page, not the OWASP main page).

I would sure like anybody to comment on the initial list, to see if I
missed your favorite or what not.  You can reply to me off-list if you
would rather keep it private.

I haven't included any command-line tools or footprinting tools yet
(e.g. googlegath, fierce, etc).  I do have gaps in other areas I'd
like to build on quite a bit more (web application honeypots,
operating system or library protection for browsers, and a bunch of
other topics).

Also exciting is that the first link is to the Alpha version of the
OWASP LiveCD ISO image for booting from CD.  I booted it in Vmware but
that's about it so far.  If you get it working for you and do
something interesting - post it here or create your own page about it!

Andre Gironda

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