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Hi Justin, would u make this available online for those who cannot make it

On Mon, Dec 17, 2012 at 9:05 AM, Justin C. Klein Keane <
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> Hello all,
>   TLDR: Please RSVP to jukeane at sas.upenn.edu if you plan to attend the
> January meeting, which will be held on Penn's campus in Fisher Bennet
> hall (at the corner of 34th and Walnut) room 224.
>   I've tallied the votes for the topic of our 1/8 meeting and there
> were no offers from other speakers or suggestions for alternative
> topics.  Folks voted for just two topics, with capture the flag (CTF)
> getting the most votes, the rest for a discussion of tools.
>   I'm working on finishing the capture the flag, which will actually
> focus on a number of tools used for testing.  The CTF follows the
> format of others I've done in the past
> (https://sourceforge.net/projects/lampsecurity/files/CaptureTheFlag/).
>  The exercise will consist of a VMWare virtual machine image along
> with a PDF of documentation for one potential route to compromise the
> target.  The target is a fully working server with a complete LAMP
> stack including a vulnerable web application.  This CTF should be fun
> because I'm going to use PhantomJS to simulate users interacting with
> any web applications installed on the target (making XSS attacks valid).
>   In order to make the most of the exercise you should bring a laptop
> with something capable of running a VMWare image (VMWare Player
> (free), Workstation, Fusion, or even VirtualBox (free)).  I'll post
> the exercise (including the target and documentation) up on
> SourceForge following the meeting for folks who can't make it.
>   As I'm going to try to bring CDs with the target VMWare image I'll
> need to know how many to make.  If you plan to attend please e-mail me
> at jukeane at sas.upenn.edu so I know how many to burn.
>   Have a happy holidays and hope to see you all in January.
> Cheers,
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