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Depending on what day in March, I'd like to attend at the very least. 
As someone whose built out two software security development life cycles I can try to talk about what did and didn't work as well as the fact that both implementations were done completely differently.

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When do you intend to have your meeting. I’m there occasionally, like March 7th for example, which is probably too soon. I’d be happy to speak on a number of different topics that night. If it’s another night I might be able to get someone else from Aspect to come and speak.  -Dave  From: owasp-philadelphia-bounces at lists.owasp.org [mailto:owasp-philadelphia-bounces at lists.owasp.org] On Behalf Of Aaron Weaver
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Subject: [OWASP-Philadelphia] Request for speakers  Hi all - We'd like to have a meeting in March and we are looking for a speaker. Some ideas would be to talk about a tool or technique that you use at work, or if you have successfully integrated security into the development lifecycle and can talk about what worked/didn't work.  Also we are working to line up some speakers on new security research.  If you are interested just send a reply back to me.  Thanks!  Aaron
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