[OWASP-Philadelphia] Update: Next Meeting: Monday, May 23rd, from 6:30 - 8:00 PM

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Hi All, We have a meeting lined up for next month with Ed Bellis from
HoneyApps. For future meetings we are looking to do a capture the flag
event, and then a lightning round where presenters  have 15 minutes to talk
about a topic. Other OWASP chapters have had lightning rounds and have
found them to be really valuable.

To help us plan for our future meetings please take a minute and fill out
this short survey.


Next Meeting: Monday, May 23rd, from 6:30 - 8:00 PM

OWASP Philly/ Meeting - Fisher-Bennett Hall - 231

Where: University of Pennsylvania, Fisher-Bennett Hall - 231, Philadelphia

Open Standards & Automation: Breaking the Vulnerability Wheel of Pain

Synopsis: Vulnerability management has become a painful repeating process
of assessing, reporting, prioritizing and mitigating. Coined as the Hamster
Wheel of Pain by Andy Jaquith, this process often includes teams of people
slogging through a pile of spreadsheets trying to figure out what's real,
what's important, and what was missed. By the time a security team gets
through one spin of the hamster wheel they are already behind and the
findings are piling up! By combining standards such as SCAP and the WASC
Threat Classification with automation and workflow, teams can break out of
the wheel of pain and make vulnerability management a viable effort across
all layers of the stack.

Bio: Ed Bellis is the CEO of HoneyApps Inc, a vulnerability management
Software as a Service that centralizes, correlates, prioritizes and
automates the entire stack of security vulnerabilities and remediation
workflow. Prior to HoneyApps, Ed served as the Chief Information Security
Officer for Orbitz, the well known online travel agency where he built and
led the information security program and personnel for over 6 years. Ed has
over 18 years experience in information security and technology. He is a
frequent speaker at information security events across North America and
Europe. Past talks have included venues such as IANS Security Forum,
SaaScon, AppSec DC, BlackHat, CSO Perspectives, MIS Institute, and several
others. Additionally, Ed is a contributing author to the book Beautiful
Security by O’Reilly and a blogger on CSO Online. The building entrance
faces the intersection of 34th and Walnut streets and the room is on the
third floor. Folks should bring identification and let the guard know
they're coming for the OWASP meeting.
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