[OWASP-Philadelphia] Speaker added

Aaron Weaver aaron.weaver2 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 15:04:44 EDT 2009

We added one more speaker to the next meeting on Wednesday June 24th.
Hope to see you there.

Register here: http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Philadelphia

OWASP .NET, OWASP Report Generator, OWASP Cryttr / Encrypted Syndication

by Mark Roxberry

About the talk: Mark is looking to generate some interest in
participating in OWASP projects. He will be speaking about projects
that he is involved in and hoping to recruit folks who have time,
energy and motivation to help out.

Bio: Mark Roxberry is a frequent contributor of research and code to
OWASP. His credits include OWASP Testing Guide contributor and
reviewer, the OWASP .NET Project Lead, the OWASP Report Generator Lead
and just recently the OWASP Encrypted Syndication Lead. He is a Senior
Consultant at Database Solutions in King of Prussia. Mark has a B.S.
in Russian Technical Translation from the Pennsylvania State
University and has the CEH and CISSP certificates hanging in his
bunker where he tries to figure out how to hack into Skynet when it
comes online.

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