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You need to provide more detail on the problem. Anyways looks to me issues
with MYSQL, so please, read MYSQL documentation.

Verify you have the versions that Pantera requires.



> I have installed mysql, python and all the essentials mentioned in the
> pantera install file
> but in MYSQL the pantera database is created but this command didn't work
>    - Quit MySQL and test your new ID and password: mysql -upantera -p<*
>    password*> panteradb
> so i used the --user=pantera password=password panteradb; command.... i
> got
> the MYSQL promt
> i'm not able to create pantera tables using this command
>    - mysql -upantera -p<*password*> panteradb <
>    pantera_sql_create_script.txt
> please help me continue .
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