[Owasp-pantera] mysql-python error not letting me connect for projects

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Fri Jul 25 03:53:21 EDT 2008

Hi Anton,

I suppose you changed the password because "panteradb" is not the password
used by the installer by default.

Did you use mysql client to connect to mysql server and works fine?

I believe you are the first to try on win2008.


>> That looks more related to python mysql wrapper (mysqldb) issue. Please,
>> provide more info and description of your setup.
> Um... nothing really to tell apart from what I already mentioned. I
> used the default values everywhere. I thought the installer might
> install the db for me but had to do that manually... Again, I just ran
> the windows installer and the cache mode worked. The when trying to
> get the project mode operational installed the db (with user, etc.).
> The db is installed properly and the user in the config file can
> connect from the command line to panteradb. Might there be an issue
> with using this installer on a 64-bit win2008 std?
>>> I'm trying to get pantera working on win2008 standard. I used the
>>> windows installer, and everything went ok. I got it to the point where
>>> the db is installed, but keep getting the following errors:
>>> ...
>>> [Thu Jul 24 10:47:43 2008] : Error DDBB: Unable to connect
>>> --------------------------------------------------------
>>> [Thu Jul 24 10:47:43 2008] : _mysql_exceptions.OperationalError
>>> ...
>>>> mysql -upantera -ppassword panteradb
>>> works fine and the pantera user is a cluster super user (needed for
>>> triggers). The config has the correct values. What am I missing?
>>> Cheers
>>> Anton

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