[Owasp-pantera] WAS Installation on XP

Gail Bayse GBayse at WPCAREY.COM
Tue Jan 22 15:50:36 EST 2008

I have been attempting an installation of WAS on XP and am beginning to
wonder if the documentation on the OWASP web site is current enough to
manage the installation. 

I was doing well (or so I thought!) until the runme.bat file which
couldn't find the module FormBuild.  

A bit more research revealed another set of documentation showing the
additional module and a second set that indicates this module is
included in the pantera zip.  (I don't believe it is.)

I downloaded it separately and ran the ez_setup.py and again thought I
was making headway when I got: 

	use_setuptools() got an unexpected keyword argument

on the "running simplejson ..."

It would be good to see this product in action, especially as it runs in
a Windows environment.  

Many thanks,


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