[Owasp-pantera] Backtrack and Pantera

Gene Bransfield gbransfield at tenacitysolutions.net
Tue May 15 17:21:01 EDT 2007


I have two questions:

1.) I've read previous information that Pantera would be included in the latest version of BackTrack.  I've been all over BackTrack and cannot seem to locate it.  Am I just blind?

2.) Since I'm not known for my patience (and I like messing with stuff anyway), I decided to attempt to install Pantera myself.  I've installed all the necessary tools (pyOpenSSL, the mysql wrapper, etc), mysqld_safe is running, and I changed my Python version to 2.4 (because your forum said that you haven't tried things in 2.5 yet).  However, when I run python pantera.py, I get the very strange error:

File "<path>/Pantera_Release_0.1.3/panteraForms.py", line 45, in ? 
    from formbuild.form import FormBase
ImportError: No module named formbuild.form

I've got good experience in Linux, but I'm a python noob.  Any advice you could provide would be great.



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