[Owasp-pantera] OWASP Pantera Announcement Release!!

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Mon Oct 23 15:57:13 EDT 2006

We are happy to announce the first release of OWASP Pantera – Web
Assessment Studio (WAS).  Pantera is a mix between a pentest proxy, an
application scanner and an intelligence analysis framework. Pantera leaves
the analysis and automatic (repetitive) stuff to the engine, leaving only
the important decisions to the security expert. It has been designed by
professionals with many years of experience in the application security
industry to offer users the necessary features required for them to create
secure code. Pantera uses an improved version of SpikeProxy to provide a
powerful web application analysis engine.

Even though Pantera has been successfully used in several assessments and
has performed excellently, it is still beta software and needs continued
testing and development. We hope that by releasing Pantera now the
security community will help us to develop a top-notch application
assessment framework!

Pantera is available at:


Feel free to subscribe to the Pantera mailing at:


Pantera has been selected has one of the nine sponsored projects in OWASP
Autumn of Code (AOC)



Simon Roses Femerling

OWASP Pantera Project Leader

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