[Owasp-pantera] Error in pantera.py?

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Mon Nov 6 14:44:42 EST 2006

Hi Terrance

thanks for the detailed email :)

This issue was reported last week on MacOS.

Pantera was develop in WinXP and Fedora Linux and the error never pop-up.

I'm currently checking the problem but I dont use MacOS or Oracle
Enterprise Linux so it may be related to python distro.

What version of python are you using?

That line is a basic python optimization, to improve performance, and
there are similar optimizations along the code but the issue is just that
particular line.

When I got some free time I will check that piece of code!


Simon Roses Femerling

> Good afternoon!
> I am trying to get Pantera running for the first time and have run into
> what appears to be a minor issue.
> I've installed Pantera on a freshly built Oracle Enterprise Linux system
> (more details below). I think I've installed all of the pre-requisites.
> When I run "python pantera.py" from a terminal session, I get this error:
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File “pantera.py”, line 63, in ?
>     import panteraLib
>   File “/home/tcrow/pantera/panteraLib.py”, line 53, in ?
>     import panterautils
>   File “/home/tcrow/pantera/panterautils.py”, line 58, in ?
>     import pantera
>   File “/home/tcrow/pantera/pantera.py”, line 64, in ?
>     import panteraUI
>   File “/home/tcrow/pantera/panteraUI.py”, line 83, in ?
>     import panteraPlugins
>   File “/home/tcrow/pantera/panteraPlugins.py”, line 458
>     remove(c for c in self.plugin_list if c == d)
> The “carrot” was under the r in for.
> When I comment out line 458 in panteraPlugins.py, Pantera seems to start
> okay -- though since I don't know Python, I don't know if that line's
> critical to Pantera's operation.
> I'm running on Oracle Enterprise Linux (64-bit version) on a Sun Ultra 20
> with a single Operton processor and 4Gb of RAM. The OS is roughly the
> same
> as Red Hat Enterprise Linux Version 4 Update 4 Enterprise Server. I think
> I
> have the pre-requisites installed (like Python, MySQL 5.x, the MySQL
> wrapper, etc.).
> Is this a known issue? Is there other diagnostic information I could
> provide to be helpful?
> Thank you!
> Terrance A. Crow
> AVP Technology
> Corporate One Federal Credit Union
> ph: 614/825-9316 | fax: 614.825.9201
> http://www.corpone.org
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