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Wed Dec 27 10:32:53 EST 2006

Hi Thomas,

Any help is welcome :)

Even if you aren't a programmer there are many things you can help us
with. Pantera needs a lot of testing and comments about new features and

Pantera needs more documetation but what it really needs are tutotials
about using Pantera to do web assessments!!

Of course, your SSL FAQ will be nice too :)


Simon Roses Femerling

PS: Happy new year to all!!

> I could be considered an 'active' and 'new' user to owasp.  Alas, I am not
> a
> programmer, however, I am very good at finding bugs.  Anything I can do to
> help?  I noticed the request for documentation on the project.  I could
> help
> with an ssl faq, perhaps?
> THomas
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