[Owasp-pantera] Getting pantera to allow me to edit form actions?

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Fri Dec 22 14:06:50 EST 2006

Hi Thomas,

Not sure what you mean but here is how it goes:

Pantera will record all the pahes you submit / view on the target, if you
submit the form then you can go to the Pantera UI and look for the form
submission and clink on the edit&send, you should se the submitted data
and you can re-submit.

While surfing the site if you dont submit the form, pantara has not
knowlegde of that form or the params.

Make sense?

Think this way: a page with a form has two states (before submit and after

Simon Roses Femerling

> All:
> I am successfully using and installing pantera.  However, when I want to
> fuzz one of my login pages, I click on 'edit and send' and I cannot see
> any
> form paramaters.  The page in question is a login page, and I would like
> ot
> be able to edit what the client sends.  When I do try this, I get a page
> with lots of paramaters, but none of the text that was shown in the
> previous
> page (e.g. the paramaters from the form that the user typed in).  How does
> this work?  I can copy the session and put into telnet, but this is
> probably
> not what you guys intended with such a cool tool.
> THomas
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